We specialize in providing propane to all kinds of commercial and residential establishments. Whether it is heating for a home or shop, or for an agricultural application, our team provides every customer with high quality products that will help get your job done. With customer service and safety as our first priorities, you can be assured Miller Gas Company has it covered.

Propane Set-ups

We have installed hundreds of tanks in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. Every tank that we install is made of high quality U.S. steel and coated with white paint. This ensures that you get a product that will last for years to come and remain safe while deflecting heat, and preventing rust. We have also installed many underground tanks which can be hidden from sight and still easily maintained. We always have tanks in stock that are ready to be installed and a great crew ready to install them or work on any tank that may need maintenance.

Propane Cylinders

Our employees are certified and well trained to fill almost any propane container. We take special care in making sure every cylinder is filled properly without over filling and that each tank is inspected for safety according to State and Federal Regulations. We also sell propane cylinders in all different sizes, and are able to recertify tanks that have expired.

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