About Us

Since 1928

Miller Gas Company was started in 1928 by Rudy Miller. He then owned and operated the first gas truck in Tremonton which was an old hard river tire truck that had a 300 gallon kerosene tank. At the time, most people were using kerosene for heat and for their lamps, and so he was able to start a great business delivering to the Bear River Valley community. Shortly after Rudy started the business, some farmers started to buy diesel tractors. This gave Rudy the opportunity to start carrying diesel fuel to those farmers. As more and more farmers began to buy tractors, Miller Gas Company was able to grow by selling diesel.

Family Owned

In 1949 Rudy's son Dennis Miller started working at Miller Gas Company. Together they were a team that focused on bringing great service to their customers as well as supplying them with high quality products from Amoco. The two worked together for several years until Dennis bought the business and Rudy retired. Eventually Dennis' daughter Kathy and son-in-law Byron Wood came to work for Miller Gas as well as Dennis' son Roger.


As natural gas moved into the valley and supplied homes with heat, kerosene became a thing of the past. This was an opportunity for Miller Gas to enter into the propane business. Dennis decided to buy the propane company called Northland Gas Co. and Jerry Buchanan's Sinclair business. Once shop was set up, the propane business took off with great speed and Dennis realized this was the better part of the business. Today Miller Gas has 3 Propane trucks that are constantly on the move as well as 2 Gas and Diesel trucks. The company was eventually sold to Byron Wood and Roger Miller. Together with Byron's wife and two sons as well as Roger's son, the business remains family owned, bringing customers that same great service and high quality products that Miller Gas has brought for almost 90 years.

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